Optimised invoice and delivery note management

Save time and eliminate errors in document management

Simplify the management of your invoices and delivery notes

By sending us your invoices and delivery notes, our team analyses and extracts the key data according to the criteria you have established so that you have all the information required to post these documents. We can receive this via a customised upload file or directly via web service integration (API).

In short, we carry out all the essential processes so that you can receive all the information necessary for their control and subsequent accounting registration.

documents processed per day
simplified invoices processed to date
receipts from our clients processed

The advantages of automatic accounting

Save time in your accounting

We take care of analysing the documentation and sorting the key data, which you can then upload into your ERP to be easily managed by your team.

Experienced team

We use the latest OCR technology, combined with a specialised team that supervises and complements the process to achieve a vast document processing capacity without incurring the errors associated with 100% automated systems.

We adapt to you

Our service is 100% personalised and flexible, so we will adapt to your individual criteria, as well as to the specific configuration of your company and the ERP you use.

Improve your productivity

Our team handles the workload, so that you can allocate your personnel and material resources to more productive tasks.