Reporting simplified invoices to the SII

Report your simplified travel expenses invoices to the Immediate Supply of Information (SII)

Streamlined communication to the SII

60dias offers the preparation of XML files for the reporting to the SII of simplified invoices contained in employee travel expense statements, as well as invoices received to substitute or in exchange of these simplified invoices. This communication is carried out by means of an electronic transfer of a XML file configured by the Tax Agency for the exchange of information with the SII.

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Benefits of the service for reporting simplified invoices to the SII

Integrity of the documentation

We take care of analyzing the documentation and its compilation according to your requirements and needs. We carry out a manual review of all documents, verifying compliance with the requirements established by the applicable tax legislation.

In line with the AEAT

We prepare the SII files in the XML format required by the Tax Agency. We also comply with the deadlines set by the authorities.

National scope

We operate throughout the country, meeting the requirements not only of the state administration, but also of the Canary Islands and the different regional tax authorities in Spain.

Personalised service

We offer a flexible service that adapts to your needs, whether in terms of deadlines, the documentation to be processed or the configuration of the file adapted to your ERP.